NYC Gifted and Talented Program and Testing

Games and Fun for NYC Gifted and Talented Program Students and Parents

Games and Fun for NYC Gifted and Talented Program

Below are some fun and games you can play with your gifted and talented students to prepare children for gifted and talented tests. This will ease the pressure during OLSAT / ERB exam prep sessions while still reinforcing the items on these tests in a fun and interactive way.  These aren’t OLSAT practice tests but do provide the same critical thinking skills needed to do well on the OLSAT / ERB exams given for NYC gifted and talented program testing.

Mighty Mind Games – These come highly recommended by test prep givers for OLSAT and ERB exams for NYC gifted and talented program. Our child LOVES these and wakes up every morning wanting us to ask questions from the Brain Quest series. The Brain Quest series is great for travel and makes the time go by fast on an airplane.  Depending on your child’s level we’ve found the Brain Quest series for ages 6-7 grade 1 to be appropriate for our kindergartener age 5. Some of the questions are difficult (even for adults!). 🙂

MightyMind Regular Edition

Magnetic MightyMind

Mighty Mind Aquarium Adventure

Mighty Mind Little Planner MightyMind Game Ages 3-6 (1-4 children)

Brain Quest Games and Workbooks for Gifted and Talented Program in NYC. The Brain Quest items also come highly recommended by tutoring experts for the NYC gifted and talented program for OLSAT 8 and ERB.

Brain Quest Workbook: Kindergarten

Brain Quest Preschool

Brain Quest Kindergarten Continue reading