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HISD reports test errors on gifted and talented exam

Well, New York City is not alone when it comes to scoring errors. Thousands of talented tots along with their parents have fallen victim to scoring errors on the gifted and talented test for entry in the Vanguard Program in Houston. HISD reports test errors on the gifted and talented exam were reported by the test publishers of the ITBS test (also known as the Iowa Test) which is quite surprising since this test has been around for decades. Although the ITBS test is only one of several factors for admissions into this competitive program there are other factors that include teacher recommendations, report cards and the CogAT test.

If you happen to live live in a suburb near Houston, there are different tests given throughout the Houston metro area.  For example,

  • Katy Independent School District uses the Otis Lennon School Ability Test (OLSAT test).
  • Spring Independent School District uses the Kingore Screener for Grades K – 3 and the Cognitive Abilities Test (CogAT test) for grades 4 – 5.
  • Pasadena Independent School district uses multiple measures of qualification during the admissions process including achievement test scores, the CogAT test, Raven’s Progressive Matrices and other IQ or ability tests that have been approved by the Gifted and Talented Instructional Specialist

IF you need practice questions for any of the tests mentioned above go to our friends at Testing Mom to start with 100 free questions.

Canine Project in Long Island
August 12, 2012, 8:52 pm
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If you’re needing practice questions for G&T go to is quick post non G&T  related. A friend of mine, Hope Gamble, is the founder of The Canine Kitchen Project – a dog food venture out in Long Island that specializes in producing dog food products made almost completely from local sources and where 25% of the annual proceeds will go to no-kill animal shelters and non-profits that support veterans with assistance dogs. If you’re interested in supporting this project click here.

Your support will make a big difference in many ways. Imagine how happy a veteran will be to receive an assistance dog trained for their specific needs – giving them dignity, self-reliance and a loyal, best friend. Or how happy a no-kill animal shelter will be to receive not only extra funds and dog food products for their rescue animals but for the rescues themselves with a second chance at life.  Or how great it will be to know that the ingredients made in the dog food products support the local farmers and fisherman yearlong with the purchasing of their crops, produce and commodities.

No OLSAT Test, It’s chess at 3!
February 21, 2012, 10:08 pm
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It’s time to take a break from the OLSAT test and BSRA practice as we now head into the waiting period for the NYC gifted and talented test results which are expected to be released in mid-April!  Sites like where you get get 50 free practice questions for gifted and talented testing can help prep a child for testing but what about other mental exercises for our talented tots?  That’s where Chess at 3 comes in. Yes, 3 years old! Tyler who is a master chess instructor here in New York City launches his new program geared toward 3 to 7 year old children that effectively teaches the most mind boggling games out there – chess! Below is a video of Tyler showing his program to little ones who just absorb the stories like sponges as they catch on to chess like it’s a walk in the park. You can also visit Tyler’s new site after you watch the video below. If you’d like to be added to my newsletter or need more sample questions, email me at

IQ Fun Park Delivery Arrives for OLSAT Test, WPPSI Test, Standford Binet Test Preparation

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Check-out this video of Karen Quinn’s (author of Testing for Kindergarten) apartment when the UPS man dropped off hundreds of her newest game IQ Fun Park! As promised, I’ll be sending out a promotional offer to blog readers and we’re still working on the logistics of it all. Don’t worry, I didn’t forget. This IQ Fun Park game will fly off the shelves when we start promoting them so make sure you order right away. As a reminder, the IQ Fun Park covers a variety of tests for the OLSAT test, WPPSI test, ERB test, Standford Binet Test. To buy the individual workbooks would cost you well over $500!

As you know, the first day of school starts tomorrow! I’d love to hear from parents on how the first day of G&T school went in their particular schools! Have a great last day of summer!

OLSAT, ERB, WPSII – IQ Fun Park Game by Karen Quinn – OLSAT Test, ERB, WPPSI, Bracken and More
August 15, 2010, 9:22 am
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Testing Mom, Karen Quinn, recently sent me a preview of her new game called IQ Fun Park! All I can say is that it is simply amazing and our daughter absolutely loved playing the game. It really beats the OLSAT test prep workbooks that are on the market for hundreds of dollars and are a chore to complete for both child and parent!

This test-prep game allowed us to interact with our daughter and ask the questions as they related to the game. This is BY FAR the best product I’ve seen on the market today that covers ALL the major tests – ERB, WPSI, OLSAT, Bracken, Standford-Binet 5. The cards are colored coded for difficulty level and also give indications of which test the questions are geared toward.

Buying workbooks and manuals for the ERB test, WPSI test, OLSAT test , Bracken test and Standford-Binet 5 test would cost you well over $1,000! Readers of my blog are going to receive a very special introductory price for this game once it’s available in the weeks ahead. All I can say is that it will be worth every penny. Your child will be BEGGING to play to practice for a test! No more arm twisting and bribing to get your child ready for testing!

IQ Fun Park Game - for OLSAT test, ERB, Standford-Binet, and WPPSI

New Book – Gifted and Talented Testing for Kindergarten by Karen Quinn

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I recently had the pleasure meeting Karen Quinn who recently wrote a book “Testing for Kindergarten”. The book outlines strategies to help your child ace the tests for gifted and talented qualification. Karen also wrote an amazing book a few years ago titled “The Ivy Chronicles”. Check-out Karen’s site for further details. You’ll be hearing much more from me about Karen in the coming months as G&T testing process begins in NYC.

Karen is in the process of launching a new test prep board game coming out in the next few weeks! Readers of my blog will receive a special promotion to buy the game for OLSAT, WPPSI-III, Stanford-Binet, and ERB testing skills in a fun and educational way.

Karen has even created this video on OLSAT and ERB test prep questions with her dogs in the video below. Just watch the video below with your child and read the story out loud to your child from the video. After the video, ask your child the questions below the video player!

1. What is the name of the black dog?  Bronco

2. What is the name of the white dog?  Honey

3. What do these two dogs like to do together?  Kiss

4.  What shape does Honey like to walk in? Circle

5.  When Honey walks in a circle, how does she feel? Happy

6. How many kisses did Bronco give Honey in the video?  6

7.  Does Honey walk in a straight line when she’s happy?  No.

Can you draw a straight line on this piece of paper?

8.  Does Honey walk in a square when she’s happy?  No.

Can you draw a square on this piece of paper?  (If your child can’t do this, draw 4 dots for her to connect)

9. Does Honey walk in a triangle when she’s happy? No.

Can you draw a triangle on this piece of paper?  (If your child can’t do this, draw 3 dots for her to connect)

10.  Does Honey walk in a circle when she’s happy?  YES!

Games and Fun for NYC Gifted and Talented Program Students and Parents

Games and Fun for NYC Gifted and Talented Program

Below are some fun and games you can play with your gifted and talented students to prepare children for gifted and talented tests. This will ease the pressure during OLSAT / ERB exam prep sessions while still reinforcing the items on these tests in a fun and interactive way.  These aren’t OLSAT practice tests but do provide the same critical thinking skills needed to do well on the OLSAT / ERB exams given for NYC gifted and talented program testing.

Mighty Mind Games – These come highly recommended by test prep givers for OLSAT and ERB exams for NYC gifted and talented program. Our child LOVES these and wakes up every morning wanting us to ask questions from the Brain Quest series. The Brain Quest series is great for travel and makes the time go by fast on an airplane.  Depending on your child’s level we’ve found the Brain Quest series for ages 6-7 grade 1 to be appropriate for our kindergartener age 5. Some of the questions are difficult (even for adults!). 🙂

MightyMind Regular Edition

Magnetic MightyMind

Mighty Mind Aquarium Adventure

Mighty Mind Little Planner MightyMind Game Ages 3-6 (1-4 children)

Brain Quest Games and Workbooks for Gifted and Talented Program in NYC. The Brain Quest items also come highly recommended by tutoring experts for the NYC gifted and talented program for OLSAT 8 and ERB.

Brain Quest Workbook: Kindergarten

Brain Quest Preschool

Brain Quest Kindergarten Continue reading