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Helping a shy child take OLSAT test
November 23, 2017, 4:38 pm
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A few tips on helping a shy child taking the OLSAT test

In most cases you probably will not be able to go with your son or daughter into a testing room It’s very rare that you would be able to actually go in. There’s a lot that you could do ahead of time to help your child get ready and be a little bit more comfortable going into the testing room. First of all, you want to give your child experience way before the OLSAT test talking to people who are safe strangers who are going to be similar to the tester that your child is going to meet with, someone they don’t really know but someone who is safe. You can do that, let your child pay for something at a store and talk to the person behind the counter, or let your child order for herself at a restaurant and talk to the waiter or waitress. Any time you can give your child an opportunity to talk to somebody who is not you, but is a stranger who is safe, let your child do that.

You can also talk to your child ahead of time and explain to them what’s going to happen. “You’re going to be meeting with a special teacher who is very nice, just like your teacher, Mrs. so and so.” Connect the experience to something your child has done well at already. You can say, “She’s just like your nice teacher, Mrs. so and so and she wants to know what four year olds know. You just answer her questions. It’ll be fun, just like going to school is.” Helping them feel comfortable with what’s to come, that’s something you can do.

You might take her or him to a tutor and have them work with your child as well. In that case they’ll just have experience with what the tester is going to be like, another safe stranger. You can read the transcript from shyness expert Dr. Roberto Carducci, and he gives lots of hints and tips about what you could do with a very shy child to help them open up and feel more comfortable on test day.

Third time’s the charm for OLSAT test

You’re committed to your child’s success!

Since school has started, I really hope you’ll take this opportunity to start your prep for the OLSAT and NNAT-2 test and give your child the best education possible that you know they deserve. The NYC G&T test is only a few months away so now’s the time to make sure your child does well.

Here’s a story that a mom (I’ll call Janice) shared with me.  It took her 3 years to prepare her son to pass the OLSAT test for the NYC gifted and talented program.  Her son did great on the NNAT-2 test and scored at the 99th percentile while the pesky OLSAT verbal questions were the bane of his (and her!) existence!  Two years were wasted when her son could have been learning in a gifted classroom, but wasn’t.  Here’s what she said:

  1. Year 1 – No prep – “He’s smart.  How hard can it be?” “The first time my son was tested for OLSAT was in kindergarten, and we didn’t prepare.  I figured; he’s smart.  How hard can the test be?  It turned out, hard enough!  He was confused about what they were asking and was not able to do his best.
  2. Year 2 – Workbooks and free questions didn’t work! We then bought a workbook and did those along with some free questions we found online.  He hated doing the workbook because they bored him, but he did the questions grudgingly.  The second time he was tested for first grade, he almost made it (and I even appealed!), but he did not get in.  His main problem with the workbook questions was that he wouldn’t slow down and consider all the answer choices.
  3. Year 3 – Joined Testing Mom – this time he got in!  We tried again in second grade, when he was older and more mature.  This time we joined Testing Mom and used your materials.  The program was inexpensive – about the same price as the workbooks I had purchased the year before, but we got so much more value.  My son found the games and activities really fun, and I didn’t even have to push him to practice.  He would ask to do the “brain games” (that’s what I called it) pretty often.  I think they really helped his critical thinking, so I figured that no matter what happened with testing, it was a win-win!  We enjoyed the time we worked together on the questions and kept it light-hearted.  Once we developed the habit of doing a few questions each day at bedtime, it was no problem.  Sometimes we would let it slip for a while, but then we would come back to it.  This year, he qualified straight into the gifted program.  I didn’t even have to appeal!

Here’s a video on how to answer OLSAT aural reasoning questions:

We wasted 3 years when he could have been in NYC G&T program GT.  I am so glad we persevered, but I wish we had used your program from the beginning – we wouldn’t have spent 3 years trying to make it.  My son went into the test knowing what to expect and was able to do his best.  He was relaxed instead of confused.  He was happy that we did not give up. We received our acceptance letter and we’re all proud that he finally made it into a district wide program in Brooklyn. ”  ~ Janice, Mom in Brooklyn (Park Slope)

OLSAT test verbal and non-verbal skills
August 8, 2017, 9:54 am
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The OLSAT test assesses both verbal and nonverbal skills.

Here is how it breaks down. Keep in mind, for the NYC G&T test they only test for the verbal portion of the test not the nonverbal piece. The nonverbal portion of the G&T test is calculated via the NNAT-2 test.

  • Verbal Comprehension

    • Following directions,
    • Antonyms,
    • Sentence arrangement,
    • Sentence completion
  • Verbal Reasoning

    • Logical selection,
    • Verbal analogies, V
    • Verbal classification,
    • Inference
  • Pictorial Reasoning

    • Picture classification
    • Picture analogies
    • Picture series
  • Figural Reasoning

    • Figural classification,
    • Figural analogies,
    • Figure series
  • Quantitative Reasoning (for Levels E, F and G) –

    • Number series,
    • Numeric inference,
    • Number matrix

The OLSAT test is for students in Grades K-12

Even though in NYC it’s only administered for pre-K to 2nd grade students for the gifted and talented test the exam is given across the country through high school.

Pre-K and kindergarten students are tested with Level A, first graders are tested with Level B, second graders are tested with Level C, third graders get Level D, fourth and fifth graders get level E, and students from sixth to eighth grade take level F.  High school students will take level G.   Levels A and B are read aloud to students, as is part of Level C.  Between testing and administration, it takes 50 minutes to an hour for a student to take the OLSAT test.  At the 3rd grade level and above, students get 40 minutes to take the test.  It may take a little longer when the teacher reads questions to students at the lower levels.  The chart on the right shows the different skills assessed at different grade levels.

Be sure to watch the short video for more information on the OLSAT test:


Gifted testing flash cards for OLSAT test prep available

Testing Mom launched their new Gifted Testing Flashcards to prepare for OLSAT test

Are you looking for something fun, fast and flashy to prepare for the NYC gifted and talented test? Look no further! The folks over at Testing Mom have launched their new Gifted Testing Flashcards available on Amazon (free delivery with Prime!).  These cards help your child learn the concepts and word that he or she must know to do well on the OLSAT test for the NYC gifted and talented program. Think of these are pre-prep to the actual prep of the practice questions. You need to make sure your child knows these concepts and words prior to doing any type of practice tests with him or her.

Here’s the breakdown of what you get with these flashcards:

  • 72 cards in the box
  • Over 175 concepts taught to your child
  • Your child will learn concepts like top-middle-bottom, up-down, next-beside-near and tons more!
  • These are geared for pre-K, kindergarten, first 2nd grade students.

These featured the Testing Mom Space Babies that allow your child to have fun and learn at the same time! They will want to play and engage while learning these concepts. It’s also a great way to bond with your child while preparing for the OLSAT test. Learning these sections of the test:

  • Ability to follow directions
  • Aural reasoning
  • Listening skills
  • Verbal skills
  • Quantitative reasoning
  • Language and vocabulary

Here are a few of the many benefits of using the flashcards:

  • Reduces screen time.
  • Engages both you and your child.
  • They are re-usable and you can mix it up.
  • Great family time before bed or first thing in the morning!
  • Awesome for long trips in the car or on the plane.
  • Get grandma and grandpa involved with prepping. Have them play the cards with your child (fun for all!)
  • Not only helps with testing, it helps with school success! Helps your child make more A’s!

Gifted Testing Flashcards to practice for OLSAT and other popular verbal tests for gifted and talented programs.

These cards will help parents prepare their kids for the New York City Gifted and Talented test verbal section. It’s for these grades:

  • OLSAT verbal test level A
    • for Pre-K and Kindergarten entry
  • OLSAT verbal test level B
    • For first grade students entering second grade


Testing Mom and FasTracKids NYC launch partnership!
April 24, 2017, 1:38 pm
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New Partnership with and FasTracKids NYC locations

Well, it looks like the folks over at Testing Mom are taking their NYC G&T program offline to the New York City locations of FasTracKids.  Seems like a great fit for both organizations since they are geared to helping youngsters succeed in school. It looks like the Testing Mom curriculum for NYC gifted and talented test prep will be fully utilize by FasTracKids teachers and students. This will surely help raise scores of all the talented tots currently enrolled at the FasTraKids locations sprinkled throughout the city. I reviewed the FTK program and was quite impressed with their array of programs they offer through their centers.

Gifted and Talented Prep Programs:

Even the programs above are geared toward G&T test prep they also help with the underlying skills every child needs to school and testing success with a full service curriculum.  This is why their program is so popular for parents of young children across their locations in Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island and Manhattan.

And if you’re looking for a summer camp for your talented tot they have that covered too!

Their Summer STEAM  Academy camp motivates all students to further their education in Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math through 9 different camp themes. Depending on your summer schedule you can do one week or the entire nine week program. You can also select 1/2 days or full days. Make sure your child keeps the momentum going this summer and doesn’t fall victim to the “summer slide” where a child can lose up to 4 months of learning unless a parent takes action.
Find out more about their Summer STEAM Academy.

More reviews of Testing Mom
March 28, 2017, 3:35 pm
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Parents reviews about Testing Mom

I’ve been doing more reviews of Testing Mom and wanted to outline their incredible membership offering they have for any parent no matter what your budget. The enormous offering is by far what you can get anywhere else online.

Here are all of the goodies you get with your Testing Mom Fast Track membership. This membership is geared for the busy, do-it-yourself parent of a pre-K student through 8th grade student. All of their online resources include stress-free test prep and online skill building resources.

  • Over 100,000 practice questions, online games and printables for the most popular tests from Pre-K to 8th Grade.
    • CogAT®, OLSAT® test, NNAT®-2 test and 3, ITBS, NYC Gifted, Houston, Chicago, state assessments, common core and dozens more!
  • Skill Building Academy for Pre-K to 8th Grade
    • Full access to 40 top educational resources! Your kids can learn math, reading, ELA, science, social studies, chess, keyboarding and much more! Over a $1,000 value included FREE with your Fast Track Membership. Keep the momentum high and instill a love of learning.
  • Kindergarten readiness, parent resources and more
    • No matter whether you’re preparing your toddler for kindergarten or a 5th grader for middle school, they have the resources and tools for school and testing success.
  • The best part of Testing Mom is one membership covers your entire household! You don’t get punished if you have more than one child.

You can start today with 100 free questions at Testing Mom.