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Parents Often Confounded by NNAT Practice Test
February 14, 2013, 4:19 pm
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As you know, parents often confounded by NNAT practice test find the questions on this particular test difficult even for themselves, let alone their 4 year old talented tot!

The NNAT test, which is a non-verbal intelligence test designed to measure spatial reasoning and pattern recognition abilities in test takers, among other non-verbal skills, is believed to be a more accurate measure of intelligence in children because it takes a language neutral approach. Although the test is generally considered among the most fair assessment exams, many parents in New York City – where the NNAT is used extensively for entrance to public and private school gifted and talented programs – are confounded by the exam when they look over NNAT practice test questions with their children.

Each year, as parents across the city help their children get ready for taking the exam, practice test resources are sought out. Many organizations in the city and online are available to help parents locate and appropriately use NNAT-2 practice questions with their children. When reviewing exam questions, parents are consistently amazed at the difficulty of some of the questions that appear on the NNAT2 practice tests, making it that much more important that children get the chance to become familiar with the test question formats and thinking in the right terms to perform well on the NNAT practice test and the formal exam.

Results from Hunter Second Round
February 10, 2013, 8:53 pm
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I heard from a parent today who received results from Hunter second round where their daughter was accepted to the most prestigious Kindergarten not only in the NYC but also in the world! Your child has a better chance of getting accepted into Harvard than into Hunter College Elementary (Yes, for Kindergarten!)School Gifted and Talented located in New York City on the Upper East Side.

This particular parent was so nervous about the second round classroom session where the children are evaluated among their peers but it looks like all went well!  Their child scored a 162 on the Stanford-Binet test was the catalyst to get to the second round. This particular parent feels like they won the lottery!