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P.S. 33 Halloween Vocabulary Parade for Gifted and Talented Classes!
November 19, 2011, 9:12 pm
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The Halloween spirit was high at PS 33 Chelsea Prep with costume galore! The best part wasn’t the candy and treats but the newest addition to the Halloween spirit of the vocabulary parade! No, it’s not practice of the OLSAT test but added an incredible learning component to dressing up for trick-or-treat. Each student was given a word and then had to dress-up for Halloween that decribed the word. The costumes were amazing but the words these young lads were taunting about were those you’d hear in the halls of junior high and high school, not amongst 2nd and 3rd graders! Here are a few photos of the event and a big thanks to Alycia Zimmerman who spearheaded the event. Mrs. Zimmerman is one of the incredible G&T teachers at PS 33 and make sure you check out her classroom web site.

Is this on the OLSAT test? No, it's one of big words from the 2nd grade Gifted and Talented class at PS 33 Chelsea Prep!

The G&T Class at PS 33 Chelsea Prep Parade Across the Stage


PS Chelsea Prep Vocabulary Parade for Halloween!

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Bracken Test Results for NYC G&T Program
November 2, 2011, 10:13 pm
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The Bracken counts for 25% of admissions to the NYC G&T program while the OLSAT counts for the remaining 75%. The Bracken (BSRA) test results are converted to descriptive categories: “advanced” or “delayed”. Since the Bracken exam is a standardized test developed accordingly, in line with strict guidelines and measures, the test results also follows professional testing score guidelines. There are free Bracken practice questions on

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