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Profile of Mrs. Zimmerman’s NYC Gifted and Talented Class: The Result of Gifted and Talented Testing, Part 4

Mrs. Zimmerman’s Gifted and Talented class at P.S. 33 Chelsea Prep in District 2 of NYC Department of Education is a great example of what can happen after your child excels on the OLSAT and bracken tests; fantastic education isn’t just about the name of the program, it’s about the activities and strategies that great teachers develop over long periods of time. All the children in Mrs. Zimmerman’s class not only have a leg up in terms of their current education, but their future education as well.

Go here for more information about  Mrs. Zimmerman’s class and for more information about OLSAT and Bracken testing, visit

Profile of Mrs. Zimmerman’s NYC Gifted and Talented Class: The Result of Gifted and Talented Testing, Part 3

Mrs. Zimmerman often lets parents know about the material being taught at her Gifted and Talented class Chelsea Prep P.S. 33 in NYC. For example, for one lesson, the students explored the concept of fractions by using the 1/4″, 1/2″, and 3/4″ markings on a standard ruler. The students were taught conceptually about how 4/4=1 and 1/2=2/4, and she found that for many of the students, counting with 1/4s was challenging. Continue reading

Profile of Mrs. Zimmerman’s NYC Gifted and Talented Class: The Result of Gifted and Talented Testing, Part 2

On Thursday, June 23rd, Mrs. Zimmerman’s class from P.S. 33 Chelsea Prep gifted and talented class will hold its end of year publishing party to celebrate a year of academic and artistic achievements of her students. The students will be invited to present their newly published Pourquoi Tales, which they wrote based on folk stories. The event stresses the sharing of students’ work so the students can see that their work is important, inspiring them to work harder in the future.

Says Mrs. Zimmerman , “Education is about the journey, not the destination. Oh no, now I sound like an awful bumper sticker, but the truth there is undeniable. When I approach education as an exciting journey, all of the detours, side-conversations, and student-led explorations become an important part of the learning, not distractions. This approach leaves a world of room for students to nurture and explore their own passions, to grow as socially responsible individuals within a community, and to experience the power of building and uncovering their own truths through exploration.” Continue reading

Profile of Mrs. Zimmerman’s NYC Gifted and Talented Class: The Result of Gifted and Talented Testing, Part 1

There’s no better way to see the results of tests like the OLSAT and the Bracken than the Gifted and Talented programs that exist in New York City. One such program is Mrs. Zimmerman’s Gifted and Talented class at p.s. 33 Chelsea Prep. We’re dedicating the next few blog posts to Mrs. Zimmerman’s class to show you what can happen for your child once they’ve passed their tests and been accepted into the gifted and talented program; when we spend so much time preparing for the tests, it’s easy to forget why we’re preparing in the first place.

On Mrs. Zimmerman’s website, she talks about her mission and how she helps gifted students realize their full potential. She says,

“Every student (and human) has the right to learn something new every day. Furthermore, a gifted student has as much a right to learn new things on his/her own level as any other student. As a teacher, it is my ethical obligation to ensure that every student is learning every single day.” Continue reading

NYC Elementary School Gifted & Talented Letters to be Mailed Today (June 17)

As we speculated before, the New York City Elementary School Gifted & Talented letters will be mailed today, Friday June 17th, to everyone who applied through the Gifted & Talented application process. This is apparent after an email from the New York City Elementary School Enrollment Team addressed the issue.

The email also addressed online applications – those who applied online will be able to view their letters as well. Everyone who applied online will get an email about how to access their letter.

The Gifted & Talented pre-registration period  is from Monday, June 20th through Friday, June 24th. Pre-registration requires a Gifted & Talented admissions letter, proof of residence (two documents), records of immunization and proof of child’s birth.

You can visit the New York City’s Department of Education’s website by clicking here.

What makes a gifted and talented child?
June 14, 2011, 5:01 pm
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Karen Quinn, The Testing Mom (from with over 5,000 practice questions for the OLSAT test, Bracken, WPPSI and more!) and from 30 Minute Mom has a great new radio interview with Dr. Linda Silverman, Director of the Gifted Development Center, on Web Tak Radio. Karen asks Dr. Silverman about a variety of topics; the two-part series is over an hour in length, and is highly recommended.

One of the highlights is Dr. Silverman’s reminder that giftedness can come in many forms. Dr. Silverman asks, “What does this child excel in? Is this a remarkable ability? It could be in building, it could be acting. It could be in writing creative stories or dictating creative stories, it could be in leadership ability. It could be in art.”

Dr. Silverman  is one of the most widely respected experts on gifted children – she has assessed over 6,000 children since 1979 with the Gifted Development Center. Karen’s comprehensive interview covers a range of topics, including gifted and talented programs, testing for boys and girls, and parent involvement with gifted children.

You can hear the two-part interview at the following links:

30 Minute Mom – Is your child gifted? Part 1

30 Minute Mom – Is your child gifted? Part 2

Gifted and Talented School Placement Letters to be Sent By June 17

With the OLSAT test and Bracken test behind us now parents anxiously await for the placement letters for their NYC G&T school acceptance letters to arrive! I’ve heard from reliable sources that letters will be mailed or emailed to parents by next Friday, June 17 so stay tuned! Don’t forget, if you’re needing OLSAT practice questions go to and also experts to help you with any questions you may have about the gifted and talented schools in New York City.