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Tips for solving OLSAT test questions
July 5, 2018, 3:30 pm
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Here are a few tips on helping your child solve those very tricky OLSAT test questions

For analogy questions on the OLSAT:

  • Think of a rule that describes the relationship between the 2 items on top.
  • Apply the rule to the figure or picture on the bottom.
  • Test the rule with each answer choice – if you choose it, will the items on top be related to each other in the same way as the items on the bottom?
  • If more than one choice fits the rule, then look for a more specific rule that describes the relationship between the items on top.

For solving classification questions on the OLSAT:

  • These are similar to analogy questions, except that you should think of the reason why the items on top belong together in one group. What’s the same about all of them that they belong together as a unit?
  • Test the reasoning with each answer choice – if you choose it, will all 4 items belong together in a group for the reason you identified?
  • If more than one item or if no item fits with the items on top for the reason you identified, look at the items on top again and re-think why they belong together in a group.

When practicing for the OLSAT test:

  • Environment
    • Make sure your child is working in a quiet, well-lit area where he or she will not be disturbed.
    • Give your child one set of questions at a time. First go through the warm-up questions in the set.
    • When doing the actual practice test, read the instructions and questions exactly as they are written. Do not paraphrase.
    • Give your child breaks as needed – ideally, take a break between each practice sub-test.
    • Once the practice test starts, don’t give your child feedback or help during the practice test unless he or she is confused about what to do. Go over answers after your child completes the practice test.