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Gifted and Talented Parent Information Session at Bright Kids NYC

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This past Thursday I attended the Bright Kids NYC parent information session in Manhattan going over OLSAT test prep and general information about the NYC gifted and talented program. During the session I participated on the G&T parents panel to answer questions from prospective G&T parents. There were also 2 teachers on the panel – one who teaches gifted and talented and the other who actually was a proctor of the OLSAT test for several years. Bige Doruk, founder of Bright Kids, gave a presentation at the beginning before panel members answered questions from parents.

There were about 40 parents who attended the session that was scheduled to from 6:30pm to 8pm. After it was all said and done we didn’t get out of session until after 9pm due to the high interest and interaction amongst audience members! The participation levels were extremely high especially in the area of OLSAT test prep. This session provided a true forum for parents to find out the “ins and outs” of the OLSAT and BRSA tests and how to navigate through the NYC gifted and talented program effectively. Due to the setting and content of the meeting I’d have to say this information session was far better than what the DOE NYC gifted and talented information session held a couple of weeks ago.

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Things Get Heated at NYC Gifted and Talented Information Session in Manhattan
October 24, 2009, 4:27 pm
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I attended the NYC DOE gifted and talented session this past Thursday night on the UWS at Louis D. Brandeis High School (84th and Amsterdam). I arrived a bit late due to MTA delays on the 2 train but finally showed up around 7:15pm (the session started at 6:30pm). As I walked into the front entrance droves of people sweating bullets were rampaging out the door. At first I thought the information must be over or maybe the parents discovered their child wasn’t G&T material after all. To my surprise the mass exodus was due to the amount of people packed like sardines in the auditorium with temperatures that seemed in excess of 80 degrees.


Parents stampede out midway through the information session for the NYC Gifted and Talented Information Session

Hundreds and hundreds of parents listen intently and wait anxiously for their questions to be answered

Hundreds and hundreds of parents listen intently and wait anxiously for their questions to be answered

Received Postcard from NYC DOE for Gifted and Talented Information Session
October 14, 2009, 10:13 pm
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In the US Mail today we received the notice below from the NYC Department of Education for the Gifted and Talented information sessions for parents. The first information session actully took place tonight (the day we rec’d the notice) in the Bronx so hopefully parents in the Bronx were able to attend this session. If not, there are 4 other sessions scheduled over the next week in the other boroughs. I did find it interesting that we would receive the notice since our child is already in the G&T program for NYC schools. I suppose it wasn’t worth the effort to reconcile the mailing list and just send it to every parent. I also found it interesting the postcard told parents there’s a practice OLSAT test with sample questions available online or at the child’s school. Seems like the DOE is even now promoting parents to OLSAT test prep their child or maybe I was reading too much into it.

NYC Gifted and Talented Information Session Meeting Reminder Postcard

NYC Gifted and Talented Information Session Meeting Reminder Postcard



   If anyone attends one of these gifted and talented information sessions let me know how it goes. I’d love to hear the details as I’m sure other future G&T parents would as well. I’ll be attending the Manhattan G&T information session next week and possibly the one in Brooklyn, if my schedule permits.  Here’s my email to give me updates: Thanks – Michael

16 More Free OLSAT Sample Test Questions for NYC Gifted and Talented
October 10, 2009, 8:21 pm
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I found 16 more free OLSAT sample questions so you can do OLSAT practice test with your child. These questions will help parents who need OLSAT sample test prep material for pre-k, kindergarten, first grade and second grade . This covers children born in 2002, 2003, 2004 and 2005 – and these OLSAT sample practice tests with 16 questions are now available.  

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Here are some other items from which your gifted and talented child.
Mighty Mind Games

MightyMind Regular Edition

Magnetic MightyMind

Mighty Mind Aquarium Adventure

Mighty Mind Little Planner MightyMind Game Ages 3-6 (1-4 children)

Brain Quest Games and Workbooks
Brain Quest Workbook: Kindergarten

Brain Quest Preschool

Brain Quest Kindergarten


Math Blaster
Math Blaster: Master the Basics

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Gifted and Talented Handbook Now Ready for OLSAT Test Prep
October 7, 2009, 8:40 pm
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Good News!  The NYC DOE just posted the Gifted and Talented Program handbook on their site.

To apply to take the OLSAT test for the NYC gifted and talented go to:

I’ll be digging into this information over the next couple of days and provide updates on changes compared to last year so you can start your OLSAT test prep for your child.  NOW is the time to start OLSAT test prepping your pre-K and kindergartener for your child for the OLSAT testing in January and February. the infromation you need is on the site.

As I mentioned before, I now cross-post on under the Community tab so look for updates there as well. They are a little different than what I post on my blog.
I’ve been getting requests from hundreds of parents on good OLSAT test prep materials so contact me if you need more information on that topic for NYC gifted and talented program. I’ve been reviewing other items over the past few weeks that I think would be helpful.

Also, if you’d like 6 FREE sample OLSAT questions let me know. They are from a new book that just got released a couple of months ago. Email me at

Reading, Writing and Robotics? And…It’s OLSAT Test Prep Time!

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We visited our child’s G&T class at PS 33 Chelsea Prep for parents of gifted and talented students and teacher/principal meeting. Overall, we are extremely pleased with the teacher and principal Lindy. The principal stood before us and explained the expectations of parents for the gifted and talented program. I have to admit, the expectations are extremely high for parent involvement but I prefer that than low expectations for parent involvement. Principal Lindy told us about the math and reading ciriculum then she told us the children have special instruction in robotics! Continue reading