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Hunter Elementary cut-off scores released
December 9, 2014, 3:32 pm
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Well folks, the time we’ve all been waiting for has arrived: Hunter Elementary cut-off scores released! It looks like kids in NYC just aren’t as smart at they used to be since the cut-off score this year (for 2014-15 entering K) was a mere 143 – the lowest in recent memory.  I heard from many, many parents this year that the school actually had the audacity to contact them after their talented tot took the Stanford-Binet test and interrogated parents if they prepped their child for the Hunter test. So sad that the admissions department at Hunter Elementary goes to such extremes to try and scare these parents who are already on-edge to begin with. Of course, parents in droves went to the Testing Mom web site where they helped their child prepare for the NYC gifted and talented program. I suppose they could have also brushed over some practice materials for the Stanford-Binet as well on that site.

Here’s the actual email Hunter sent to parents earlier today to notify them their child did make the cut-off! Names are removed for confidentiality purpose. Too bad they don’t spend as much time proofreading their emails sent to parents as they do interrogating the parents. I find it rather humorous there are a couple of typos in the email they sent (below)! 🙂

Dear <PARENT>,

Congratulations! The results of our modified Stanford-Binet V testing have set the eligibility score for Hunter College Elementary School’s Round 2 assessment at a Sum of Scaled Scores (SSS) of 143. Children with this score or higher are invited to participate in our on-site assessment process. We will assess 300 children and will select 25 girls and 25 boys for a total of 50 children for the entering Kindergarten class of 2015.

You will receive an email by December 17th with <CHILD> assigned session time. You must confirm this appointment by email by December 19th, 2014. Please write <CHILD> name, ID number, date of birth, the assigned date, time, and session number in your email to ensure your confirmation. Please do not call or email with requests for a change in schedule; session assignments are firm and cannot be changed.

There are a great many factors that go into assigning children to R2 sessions to ensure that they have an opportunity to be seen in their best light. It is important that <CHILD> not be in a session with other children from his preschool, or others that he knows. Please do not make efforts to introduce <CHILD> to others from his assigned session.

We want to give you ample time to work on the three additional things that complete <CHILD> application. Clink on the links below to download THREE PDFs that must be submitted: The Parent Observation Form, The Proof of Residency form and documentation, and The Teacher Observation Release and Observation Form.

  1. HCES – Parent Observation Form – pdf
  2. Proof-of-Residency-2015.pdf
  3. HCES-Parent-Preschool-Release-Form.pdf

1. The Parent Observation Form

Please take time to read the instructions and thoughtfully respond to the Parent Observation form. In addition to giving us informatiom about <CHILD> development, this form is designed to give you a chance to share about <CHILD>. We are looking for candor, and details that will allow us to get to know <CHILD> better. For example, you might write about small moments or events or conversations that gave you insight into how <CHILD> is thinking, learning, or becoming curious about the world. You may handwrite in the boxes, or cut and paste a typed document. DO NOT exceed the delineated space, use a font size lower than 10 pt, or attach additional documents. Forms that do not conform to the space allotted will be returned. This is a LEGAL-sized document.

Please note that the Parent Observation Form must be completed without <CHILD> name in order to preserve anonymity in the selection process. You may use an initial in place of his name.

2. The Proof of Residency Form and accompanying documentation

This form must accompany a copy of BOTH parents’ 2013 NYS State tax return. Many people ask if they can delete income information. You may, but we ask that you leave the information as is; we are a publicly funded school and for our research it is important to us to know as much as we can about our applicant and student body. Please rest assured that NONE of the information included will be a part of <CHILD> admissions application or seen by anyone making decisions. Once we have established residency and collected information for our research, information is destroyed.

3. The Release and Teacher Observation Form

We will email a Teacher Observation Form to <CHILD> current pre-school teacher, who must return the form directly to the Admissions office. In order to give them permission to comment on your child, please fill out and give them this Release Form.

All materials must be received in the Admissions Office by 4:00 P.M. on Monday, January 5th, 2015. Materials can be mailed to the office or deposited into the Admissions lock box at the HCES Public Safety desk.

Please keep an eye out for the email to follow with <CHILD> session and instructions fo Round 2 that will come by December 17th.

We look forward to seeing you and <CHILD> at Round 2,

Kyla Kupferstein Torres ’86
Director of Admissions and Outreach