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New Site for OLSAT test prep and other testing for gifted and talented
September 28, 2010, 7:51 pm
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Make sure you go check-out that will provide you the insights you need as a parent for testing success with your child. Karen Quinn, author of Testing for Kindergarten, are working together to make sure you have the best user experience on

The response to the information session next week is overwhelming so I’ll most likely be adding a 2nd session on Friday night around 8pm. I’ll be sending everyone updates in the next couple of days of what’s going with the seminar over private schools admissions process and gifted and talented testing.

Update: Free Seminar: NYC Gifted and Talented Testing and Getting Into Private Schools – 2nd Session Added

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We only have a few spaces available for our free information session on Thursday, October 7 at 7pm in Tribeca so we’ve decided to do another information session on Friday, October 8 at 7pm downtown/Tribeca area due to overwhelming response. You must email me at to pre-register for one of the sessions. The same material will be covered at each session so need to attend both.

FREE INFORMATION SESSIONS: Insiders Guide to the Kindergarten Admissions Process in New York City – Private Schools and Gifted and Talented Programs for pre-k to 2nd grades Continue reading

Karen Quinn, best-selling author, Chat Session Tomorrow at 1pm on Testing

I realize this is last minute but if you have time tomorrow at 1pm best-selling author, Karen Quinn, will be leading a free chat session conversation you won’t want to miss.  You can even listen from the comfort of your own computer at work!

Tuesday, Sept. 21 at 1pm – Karen Quinn, author of “Testing for Kindergarten” will lead a conversation on “simple strategies to help your child ace the tests for: public school placement, private school admissions, gifted and talented testing and  program qualification.” Continue reading

NYC DOE Announces Gifted and Talented Timeline for Handbooks

From the NYC DOE Web Site:

2010 – 2011 Calendar for Gifted and Talented Testing for Pre-K, Kindergarten, First Grade and Second Grade for New York City.

October 12, 2010
Gifted and Talented Information Handbooks will be available online, at NYC public schools, and Borough Enrollment Offices.

October 12 to November 17
Request for Testing Process begins.  Families will submit Request for Testing Forms (RFT) either online or paper copies by November 17, 2010.

Additional information included in the Gifted and Talented Information Handbooks.If you’d like free OLSAT test prep questions email me at Thanks – Michael

Kindergarten Information Session – Private and Gifted and Talented Programs in NYC
September 18, 2010, 2:13 pm
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I’ve teamed up with Karen Quinn, best-selling author and the Testing Mom, and we’re having TWO seminars for parents the first week of October. Each seminar will cover the same information so you only need to attend one.

Paid Seminar #1 –Big City Moms – Upper East Side – Tuesday, October 5 at 6:30pm

FREE Seminar #2 – in Tribeca – near the 1/2/3 and A/C/E trains by Chambers Street. Thursday, October7 at 7pm. You MUST RSVP for the seminar  #2 we’re having in Tribeca so email me at Space is limited so please RSVP as soon as possible. Once you RSVP I’ll send you the exact location.

Insiders Guide to the Kindergarten Admissions Process in New York City – Private Schools and Gifted and Talented Programs

It’s that time of year again for parents in NYC to begin thinking about the many options they have available for their child who is going into kindergarten within the next 2 years.  Is private school the only choice for you? Should you consider both private school and the NYC gifted and talented program? Or should you think about a good public school in your area? No matter which option you’re considering, this is a “must attend” seminar for any parent who has a child going into kindergarten within the next 2 years.

Join Karen Quinn, former private school placement adviser, best-selling author of The Ivy Chronicles and Testing For Kindergarten, along with NYC Gifted and Talented parent expert Michael McCurdy as they share insider secrets that will boost your child’s chances to get admitted to the public, private, or gifted and talented school of your choice.

During this informative session you’ll discover:

  • Insights to the myriad of tests given to children – ERB/WPPSI, OLSAT test, Bracken Test BRSA & Stanford-Binet
  • The 7-Abilities every test assesses and your child must have to succeed in kindergarten and beyond
  • How to prepare your child for kindergarten testing without spending a fortune and stressing out the family
  • Private school processes and procedures
  • Gifted and talented vs. general education
  • Timelines and deadline for school applications
  • All the different options you have available to you as a NYC resident
  • How the system works and how to effectively navigate through it
  • School visits, evaluations and selection process
  • How to find the best fit for your child and your family

As a special bonus, Karen will be giving away an autographed copy of her newest book Testing for Kindergarten. She’ll also demonstrate her newest game – IQ Fun Park, which takes the chore out of preparing your child for testing! Not only that, Karen and Michael plan to reveal their newest initiative that will help parents once the session is over.

Bracken School Readiness Assessment – BSRA Test Book Review Aristotle Circle
September 9, 2010, 8:50 pm
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I recently had the pleasure of reviewing Aristotle Circle’s newest book to their collection for the Bracken School Readiness Assessment given for the NYC gifted and talented testing.  Overall, this Bracken practice question book is excellent and covers all aspects of the Bracken for the gifted and talented test. The $99 price point for this Bracken practice test  may be a little on the high side for some parents on a budget. The quality of the materials is superb and well done. When I examine the cost of private school tuition vs. free NYC G&T program the $99 is small price to pay – at least in my opinion. The Bracken practice set from Aristotle Circle contains 2 workbooks – one for the parent and the other for the child to take the Bracken sample test. It’s very easy to follow and provided good direction for the parent to help the child. I really enjoyed the 4 page overview of the Bracken Assessment that’s at the beginning of the book which provides a thorough understanding of the concepts covered on the Bracken test. I even learned a few things that I didn’t know about the BSRA test! There are scoring tips at the bottom of the page so you can tell if your child is correctly answering the question is great for practice. I have to admit, I did get a kick out of  the “answer key” for the parents book – if the parent doesn’t know basic shapes, colors and how to count to 100 they have a much larger issue than trying to get their child into a G&T program. 🙂

There are also fun exercises to do with the child at the end of each section to reinforce the concepts on the Bracken. The quality of the printing material is superior and on high quality paper along with high-definition color print. If the $99 price point is within your budget and you can still afford groceries for the week after shelling out the $99 then I’d highly recommend this book to parents who have children taking the Bracken. Shipping is free and Aristotle Circle has extended an offer to readers of this blog  10% off the price by using promo code NYGT at check-out!

Aristotle Circle's Bracken School Readiness Assessment Workbook

Here’s an overview of the Bracken test for those parents who aren’t familiar with it.

The Bracken School Readiness Assessment covers 5 subsets –  colors, letters, numbers/counting, size/comparisons, shapes.

Most parents think the Bracken test for New York City gifted and talented program is the “easy” portion of the G&T test for NYC gifted and talented since it covers shapes, numbers, colors, etc. I can tell you that many of these Bracken questions can be anything but easy – especially for a 4 year old taking the Bracken test usually administered by a complete stranger with no redirection of the child if they get distracted.

When some parents get the Bracken test results many are shocked their child did poorly on the Bracken portion (25% of the total score) but aced the OLSAT test (75% of the score). The poor Bracken test results are usually an indication the child hasn’t been exposed to some of the concepts covered on the Bracken test for gifted and talented. I can tell you that most 4 year olds I’ve come across don’t know what  these shapes: pyramid, cylinder, sphere or crescent – just to name a few. Parents, don’t forget to expose your child to the concepts on the Bracken School Readiness Assessment for NYC gifted and talented program. Getting a 99% on the Bracken will give your child some wiggle room on the OLSAT portion of the G&T test to make sure they score a 90% or above.

IQ Fun Park Delivery Arrives for OLSAT Test, WPPSI Test, Standford Binet Test Preparation
September 7, 2010, 6:03 am
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Check-out this video of Karen Quinn’s (author of Testing for Kindergarten) apartment when the UPS man dropped off hundreds of her newest game IQ Fun Park! As promised, I’ll be sending out a promotional offer to blog readers and we’re still working on the logistics of it all. Don’t worry, I didn’t forget. This IQ Fun Park game will fly off the shelves when we start promoting them so make sure you order right away. As a reminder, the IQ Fun Park covers a variety of tests for the OLSAT test, WPPSI test, ERB test, Standford Binet Test. To buy the individual workbooks would cost you well over $500!

As you know, the first day of school starts tomorrow! I’d love to hear from parents on how the first day of G&T school went in their particular schools! Have a great last day of summer!