NYC Gifted and Talented Program and Testing

Games and Fun for NYC Gifted and Talented Program Students and Parents

Games and Fun for NYC Gifted and Talented Program

Below are some fun and games you can play with your gifted and talented students to prepare children for gifted and talented tests. This will ease the pressure during OLSAT / ERB exam prep sessions while still reinforcing the items on these tests in a fun and interactive way.  These aren’t OLSAT practice tests but do provide the same critical thinking skills needed to do well on the OLSAT / ERB exams given for NYC gifted and talented program testing.

Mighty Mind Games – These come highly recommended by test prep givers for OLSAT and ERB exams for NYC gifted and talented program. Our child LOVES these and wakes up every morning wanting us to ask questions from the Brain Quest series. The Brain Quest series is great for travel and makes the time go by fast on an airplane.  Depending on your child’s level we’ve found the Brain Quest series for ages 6-7 grade 1 to be appropriate for our kindergartener age 5. Some of the questions are difficult (even for adults!). 🙂

MightyMind Regular Edition

Magnetic MightyMind

Mighty Mind Aquarium Adventure

Mighty Mind Little Planner MightyMind Game Ages 3-6 (1-4 children)

Brain Quest Games and Workbooks for Gifted and Talented Program in NYC. The Brain Quest items also come highly recommended by tutoring experts for the NYC gifted and talented program for OLSAT 8 and ERB.

Brain Quest Workbook: Kindergarten

Brain Quest Preschool

Brain Quest Kindergarten Continue reading

Parents Orientation at P.S. 33 Chelsea Prep Gifted and Talented

There was a parents orientation breakfast this week for new students at PS 33 Chelsea Prep.  This also included parents of NYC gifted and talented program students along with general education.

At the orientation we were a bit concerned because we were told they will be combining the kindergarten with the first grade due to low enrollment in the the G&T at PS 33. They didn’t want to cancel the program all together so they combined the class.  Based upon further research, this is a common practice if class sizes are small.  We met and spoke to the G&T teacher who be teaching our child this fall and she addressed our concerns about the combination class of kindergarten and first grade. The G&T teacher is very kind, responsive and most of all passionate about teaching! She was able to thoroughly answer our questions and concerns and welcomed parents involvement throughout the year. We’ll see how she feels about parent involvement after a few meetings with me. <grin> 🙂   Continue reading

Parents Poll for NYC Gifted and Talented Test Prep for Pre-k and Kindergarten

Parents Obsessing About NYC Gifted and Talented Program Test Prep

I ran across this video “Getting In….Kindergarten” that really gives insights to the NYC parent mentality for the gifted and talented program. This is about 10 minutes long and features 3 families and their efforts to get into the gifted and talented program for NYC schools. From OLSAT test prep to ERB and even more stringent guideline to getting into Hunter for gifted and talentd.

We moved here from out of state so navigating the NYC school system, especially for gifted and talented program can be well, quite a challenge that can easily turn into a obsession. We try to explain the gifted and talented testing process to friends and family outside of NYC and they just don’t get it. I suppose I wouldn’t get it either unless I lived here. From renting an apartment to getting groceries to going to kindergarten…to say the least, it’s a whole new world in NYC – especially with the NYC gifted and talented program. Continue reading

PS 33 Chelsea Prep NYC Gifted and Talented Program Letter from Principal Linore Lindy

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We were pleasantly surprised this past weekend when we received a letter from PS 33 Chelsea Prep’s Principal Linore Lindy. It was a welcome letter to all parents of students who are attending PS 33 – regardless of NYC gifted and talented program status. Continue reading

Gifted and Talented NYC Prep Books by Kumon
August 17, 2009, 8:34 pm
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Although the following books aren’t specifically designed for the OLSAT tests given for the gifted and talented program in New York City we’ve found them very valuable in preparing our child for repetitive tasks for math, vocabulary and arts and craft projects. These Kumon books are very well structured and you’ll be sure your child knows the content inside and out by the time you’re through. The books helped provide a baseline of tasks for a child to get in OLSAT test prep mode for the gifted and talented placement exams for the New York City public school system. The books below are for mostly for ages 4-5-6 and these are very reasonably priced so you get a lot of bang for your buck by purchasing several of these workbooks to help prep your child for the OLSAT.

My First Book Of Uppercase Letters (Kumon Workbooks)

My Book Of Numbers 1-30 (Kumon Workbooks)

My First Book Of Tracing (Kumon Workbooks)

My First Book Of Cutting (Kumon Workbooks)

Kumon: My First Book of Lowercase Letters

My Book of Easy Mazes (Kumon Workbooks)

My First Book Of Mazes

My Book of Telling Time: Learning About Minutes (Kumon Workbooks)

Let’s Fold! (Kumon First Steps Workbooks)

My Book of Alphabet Games

My Book Of Simple Addition

My Book of Writing Words: Learning about Consonants and Vowels (Kumon Workbooks)

My Book Of Number Games 1-70 (Kumon Workbooks)

My Book Of Number Games 1-150 (Kumon Workbooks)

My Book Of Rhyming Words (Kumon Workbooks)

My Book of Amazing Crafts (Kumon Workbooks)

My Book of Coloring: At the Zoo

Met Bige Doruk, CEO and Founder of Bright Kids NYC – NYC Schools Test Prep

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I  met Bige Doruk, the CEO and founder of Bright Kids NYC, and had a great conversation with her about the new service she started a few short months ago called Bright Kids NYC located downtown in the Financial District.  She herself had a child take the OLSAT test for kindergarten and she completely understands the pressures that parents face in NYC to get their child in the NYC gifted and talented program.  She has thorough knowledge of the NYC DOE system for NYC gifted and talented application process and retesting for the gifted and talented program – even for summer retake tests for the gifted and talented program for kindergarten. Continue reading

NYC gifted and talented program OLSAT summer testing parents

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I received the email below from a parent who took their daughter to get summer testing for OLSAT BRSA for NYC gifted and talented program for kindergarten.  It seems the OLSAT summer test was being administered at P.S. 33 which is one of the gifted and talented program schools in New York City.  It looks like it will only take 2 weeks to get the results and NYC gifted and talented program placement offer letters will be sent to the parents which will contain the results of the OLSAT tests. Based upon what this parents said about the OLSAT testing it seems like her daughter liked the setting of P.S. 33 and the OLSAT test giver was pretty tight lipped about the how her daughter performed on the OLSAT gifted and talented program test for NYC schools. Continue reading