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The Kindergarten Shuffle – A Family’s Journey via the OLSAT Testing and G&T Program
March 31, 2010, 7:19 pm
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If you need information on NYC gifted and talented program, OLSAT practice questions, Bracken practice questions please email me: Thanks – Michael

I recently had the pleasure of meeting Douglass Morse who has written and directed an incredible docu-drama film of his experience with the NYC gifted and talented program with his young son Zeke. The film is not a documentary, though many of the school tours, neighborhood events and information sessions are real. Not a reenactment, for the narrative is freely modified to suit the dramatic needs of the narrative. The actors who portray Douglass and his wife helped shape the back-story and brought to film the reality of the anxiety, fear, frustration, happiness and joy of having a gifted and talented child and going through the G&T process so many NYC parents pilgrimage annually. From OLSAT testing to the first day of school at the G&T program at NEST – this film covers everything in between in a thoughtful and insightful manner while still bringing to life the raw emotion involved with this entire process parents endure in NYC. The film will be launched in a few months and here’s sneak preview!

You can contact Douglass at if you have questions about the film or visit his web site.

Robotics Anyone? P.S. 33 Gifted and Talented Kindergarten Enters Robotics Competition

If you need information on NYC gifted and talented program, OLSAT practice questions, Bracken practice questions please email me: Thanks – Michael

A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of attending the 10th anniversary of the Robotics Expo Competition at the Javitz Center in Manhattan where my daughter’s kindergarten NYC gifted and talented class from P.S. 33 – Chelsea Prep participated in the competition. My daughter has been in the robotics program since this past October and this was the grand finale that ended with a bang! Mr. Blum from Google (one of the sponsors) taught the students from P.S. 33 Chelsea Prep over the past few months by visiting the classroom weekly to review robotics concepts with the children. He also led the project effort that was entered into the competition. Each child had a unique and special role for the project submitted into the competition. At the junior level each team in the competition was required to put together a “Show Me” poster board presentation which showcased their research and demonstrated they understood the requirements for the project.

The program is based upon two components: 1) engaging children in the hands-on, minds-on process of technological innovation; and 2) bringing communities together in celebration of students’ working smart in science technology.

There were 4 different tournaments during the event:

Jr. FIRST LEGO League (6 to 9 year olds)
FIRST LEGO League (9 to 14 years old)
FIRST Tech Challenge (high school students)
FIRST Robotics competition (high school students)

Here’s more information on the event:

Prior to arriving at the event I didn’t know what quite what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised to see thousands of elementary through high school students across the NYC metro area in attendance. The only other NYC gifted and talented elementary school I noticed was P.S. 11 William T. Harris but there could have been others. What impressed me even more were the amount of young girls who are interested in robotics and technology!

A big thanks to Mr. Blum and Google for offering their time and money in making this event a huge success and to principal Linore Lindy from P.S. 33 Chelsea Prep!

Here are a few good books from Amazon on robotics: