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Schools punish students who opt out of common core testing
December 6, 2016, 4:56 pm
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Well, it looks like schools punish students who opt out of common core testing. At least according to this Washington Post hit piece. From Florida to California schools are retaliating against younger and older students on a variety of fronts. This ranges from holding back the younger kids to exclude high school students from early college prep programs. According to federal law school districts need to maintain a 95% test taker rate to keep the federal funds rolling in. Anything less than that the districts will be punished by reduced funding. If the schools get punished it seems it’s trickling down to the student level to increase test taking participation rates for the state common core test. In Buffalo, N.Y., for instance, kids applying to competitive middle schools who opted-out of common core testing were shut-out from the application process and even some private schools shut-out middle school students from applying due to no common core test scores. This goes against the NY State Legislature that past this amendment in 2014:

“[N]o school district shall make any student promotion or placement decisions based solely or primarily on student performance on the state administered standardized English Language Arts and Mathematics assessments for grades three through eight. However, a school district may consider student performance on such state assessments provided that the school district uses multiple measures in addition to such assessments and that such assessments do not constitute the major factor in such determinations.” NYS Education Law, Section 305, subdivision 47.

Don’t like common core? Here’s a video to support your point a view. Due to the recent election and President-elect Trump’s pledge to abolish the common core this may be much ado about nothing at this point in time.

PS 11 Gifted and Taleneted District 2 Serving Up Farm Fresh Vegetables to Students!
January 29, 2012, 1:12 pm
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As they say, you are what you eat! When it comes to a healthier food selection for our gifted and talented children in NYC, PS 11 in District 2 is way ahead of the pack. Maybe one day the OLSAT test will cover health and nutrition questions for our little ones as they take the gifted and talented test for New York City schools.

“P.S. 11 at 320 W. 21st St. has managed to combine several food programs to become something of a holy grail for the local, sustainable and organic food-in-school movements. Children at the school grow their own veggies in a garden, have lunches made by a professional chef, and even run their own farmer’s market.” Read the entire article from

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More Pre-K Students Qualify for G&T Programs This Year for NYC Gifted and Talented Program

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According to a recent NY Times article the number of pre-k students who got over 90% on the OLSAT test this year is much higher. According to the article:

” Of the 12,454 in New York City who took the test this winter, 3,542 (or 26 percent) scored at or above the national 90th percentile, up from 3,231 the year before, qualifying them for one of the 70 gifted kindergarten programs spread through the city’s school districts. But the most striking increase occurred in the number of children scoring at or above the national 97th percentile: 1,788, up from 1,345 last year. Those students qualify for one of the five citywide gifted programs, which have only about 300 seats in all, meaning the competition for them this year will be even fiercer.” Continue reading

The Kindergarten Shuffle – A Family’s Journey via the OLSAT Testing and G&T Program

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I recently had the pleasure of meeting Douglass Morse who has written and directed an incredible docu-drama film of his experience with the NYC gifted and talented program with his young son Zeke. The film is not a documentary, though many of the school tours, neighborhood events and information sessions are real. Not a reenactment, for the narrative is freely modified to suit the dramatic needs of the narrative. The actors who portray Douglass and his wife helped shape the back-story and brought to film the reality of the anxiety, fear, frustration, happiness and joy of having a gifted and talented child and going through the G&T process so many NYC parents pilgrimage annually. From OLSAT testing to the first day of school at the G&T program at NEST – this film covers everything in between in a thoughtful and insightful manner while still bringing to life the raw emotion involved with this entire process parents endure in NYC. The film will be launched in a few months and here’s sneak preview!

You can contact Douglass at if you have questions about the film or visit his web site.