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OLSAT, ERB, WPSII – IQ Fun Park Game by Karen Quinn – OLSAT Test, ERB, WPPSI, Bracken and More
August 15, 2010, 9:22 am
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Testing Mom, Karen Quinn, recently sent me a preview of her new game called IQ Fun Park! All I can say is that it is simply amazing and our daughter absolutely loved playing the game. It really beats the OLSAT test prep workbooks that are on the market for hundreds of dollars and are a chore to complete for both child and parent!

This test-prep game allowed us to interact with our daughter and ask the questions as they related to the game. This is BY FAR the best product I’ve seen on the market today that covers ALL the major tests – ERB, WPSI, OLSAT, Bracken, Standford-Binet 5. The cards are colored coded for difficulty level and also give indications of which test the questions are geared toward.

Buying workbooks and manuals for the ERB test, WPSI test, OLSAT test , Bracken test and Standford-Binet 5 test would cost you well over $1,000! Readers of my blog are going to receive a very special introductory price for this game once it’s available in the weeks ahead. All I can say is that it will be worth every penny. Your child will be BEGGING to play to practice for a test! No more arm twisting and bribing to get your child ready for testing!

IQ Fun Park Game - for OLSAT test, ERB, Standford-Binet, and WPPSI

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Any word on what the introductory perk price is for those who follow your blog?

Comment by NYC Mom

Yes, we’ll be sending out information within the next week on the promo for blog readers!

Comment by skipper646

Hello! Any news on promo for blog readers?

Comment by Lea

Email me at for the promo code for IQ Fun Park game.

Comment by skipper646

Interested in the IQ Fun Park game and hoped there was a discount or promo code I can use to make it affordable.



Comment by Brent from Michigan

I am interested in IQ Fun Pack game by Karen Quinn and hoping there is a discount or promo code available to make it more affordable.

Thanks much.

Comment by V. Tandon

I am interested in the promo code for the IQ Fun Park Game so that I can apply the discount.

Comment by m. liley

I am interested in the promo code for the IQ Fun Park Game so that I can apply the discount. Please email me code

Comment by Nargis

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