NYC Gifted and Talented Program and Testing

Four new gifted and talented programs won’t use OLSAT or NNAT tests

Kids in four districts won’t have to worry about any prepping this year. There are four new gifted and talented programs what won’t use the OLSAT or the NNAT-2 tests for admissions into the coveted program.  The four new programs will have their first entry point into the third grade (not kindergarten like the rest of the G&T programs sprinkled across the city). The four programs are launching in districts that currently have no gifted programs so the city now can boast that every school district across the city does now have a G&T program for students. Here’s the list of the new third grade G&T classes:

  • South Bronx District 7
  • Crotona Park District 12
  • Bed-Stuy District 16
  • Ocean Hill/Brownsville’s District 23

The DOE will admit students to these four programs based upon a variety of measures like academic performance in K to 2nd grade, attendance, fast learner, highly curious and motivated. It sounds like some of these are objective while other measures are pure subjective based upon a teacher’s opinion.

If you’re not one of the lucky ones living near these schools make sure you start preparing for the upcoming NYC Gifted and Talented test with free practice questions at Testing Mom.

ELA and math state scores arrive
August 18, 2016, 1:32 pm
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New York State ELA and math state scores arrive to parents and students! Overall, progress has been made on both fronts of the common core tests given to third through eight graders across the state and in New York City. Here’s a quick breakdown from DNA Info:

  • Astoria school state test scores among the highest in the city
  • Three north Brooklyn schools see massive jump in state test scores – PS 147 Isaac Remsen, Brooklyn Arbor Elementary and PS 120 Carlos Tapia
  • Clinton HIll’s PS 11 produced the highest scores in district 13
  • South Bronx school Concourse Village Elementary School was #1 within District 7 with 93.8 passing ELA and 98% passing the math.
  • In Lower Manhattan PS 234 and PS 150 – both in Tribeca held top spots downtown
  • Park Slope PS 295 jumped to 56% in 2016 vs. 43% in 2015 for ELA
  • NEST Gifted and Talented garnered the top score in District 1
  • Anderson School on the UWS earned first place in District 3
  • In Staten Island 44% percent of students were proficient in ELA this year, an 18 percent increase from last year
  • Crown Heights saw big jumps in math and English Language Arts (ELA) proficiency, but still lag behind average scores in statewide standardized test
  • In Forest Hills, P.S. 303 distinguished itself as the school with the highest state exam scores in its Queens district

Need practice questions for ELA and math? Testing Mom has tons of good stuff. Remember that 4th grade is the year that counts for the state tests for middle school applications!

NYC gifted and talented placements
May 31, 2016, 4:38 pm
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Well, letters and emails are on there way for parents as the NYC gifted and talented placements have been determined by the NYC Dept. of Ed. It looks like the DOE lowered the amount of kids getting offer letters based upon past years’ acceptance rates. Here is the breakdown according to the DOE:

  • This year, 8,220 students applied for a seat, compared to 7,242 applications last year
  • 69.5 percent (2,507 students) of applying kindergartners received an offer for a seat, a decrease from 79.8 percent (2,901 students) last year
  • In total, 53.4 percent of applicants (4,392 students) received an offer, down from 66.2 percent (4,792 students) last year
  • The decrease in the total number of offers is due to an adjustment in the G&T enrollment process, and does not reflect any significant decrease in the number of gifted and talented seats available or projected enrollment for next school year.
  • Example: In 2015 even though 4,792 students received offers, only 2,941 accepted their offers. In 2014, 4,832 students received offers, and only 2,926 accepted their offers.

nyc gifted talented test results

NYC Dept of Ed expanding gifted and talented program
May 5, 2016, 1:48 pm
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Well, it looks like the NYC Dept of Ed expanding gifted and talented program to underrepresented districts is coming to fruition. According to the NY Times, the Bronx and Brooklyn will garner these gifted and talented programs. District 7 and 12 in the Bronx along with districts 16 and 23 in Brooklyn will all gain a G&T program starting next year. After these programs are open it will mean that every district in the city will have at least one gifted and talented program for students in elementary school.  The deadline for parents to submit their NYC G&T applications for the fall 2016 school year was last night at midnight. After the DOE mulls over the applications and number of actual offers it extends to parents and their talented tots it will help the DOE evaluate the demand of the programs by district. Unfortunately, many parents will be disappointed when they get their placement since many (if not most) won’t get their preference (or placement at all). This is simply due to the good ole’ economic concept of supply and demand. In this case, there are very little supply of G&T seats and the demand it through the roof. Hopefully, the DOE will find the space to add more seats to this very popular program for NYC parents.


NYC Gifted and Talented Test Results
April 22, 2016, 10:54 am
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Last Friday, parents received the NYC Gifted and Talented test results for their young children who took the exam this past January and February. Overall, the scores are in line with what we’ve seen in the past. Almost 36,000 kids pre-K to 2nd grade took the test this year and 30% of them made a qualifying score for the gifted program. According to the DOE, this up 5 percentage points from the previous year where only 25% received a qualified score.

Not happy with your child’s test score? Well, sorry folks. The DOE doesn’t allow any appeals once the test results are released. If there were issues at the testing site then it’s up to the parent to report those within 48 hours of when their child took the test. If you’re a parent who still wants to complaint and whine to the DOE about your child’s test score you can contact you may contact the Office of Assessment at 212-374-6646 or at with questions about assessments. Or go visit them in person at 55 Chambers Street in Manhattan.

According to the DOE, there is a “comprehensive quality assurance process before the scores are released in which three independent entities confirm accuracy of the results”. Not sure what that means considering there is no further explanation of this quality assurance process. Who are these three independent entities?  Is one of them Pearson, the test publisher, who made horrendous scoring errors a few years ago that were only discovered after hundreds of parents questioned their child’s score?


nyc gifted talented test results

NYC Gifted and Talented Test Results for OLSAT and NNAT-2

New York City not the only ones taking OLSAT test
March 31, 2016, 3:29 pm
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Well, it looks like the kids in New York City aren’t the only ones taking the OLSAT test for admissions into gifted programs. Out in California, there’s a program in Davis called AIM which also uses the OLSAT test for admissions into their gifted program. According to the article, it looks like 10% of the third grade students (56 out of 543) who took the OLSAT test scored high enough to be in the Davis School District’s AIM program.

As with the NYC Gifted and Talented test, the scores seem to be skewed in favor of children of Caucasian and Asian descent with very few Latino and African-Americans being represented as those who qualified. The Davis school board is now questioning if the OLSAT test is the right type of test to qualify kids for this particular gifted program in Davis. This has also been the ongoing debate in NYC where the NNAT-2 non-verbal test was introduced a few years ago but the outcomes of the the distribution of qualified students by ethnicity have remained virtually unchanged (mostly white and Asian and very few Latino and African American students).

Gifted and talented program headed to district 16
March 28, 2016, 4:55 pm
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Well, the parents in Bed-Stuy are breathing a sigh of relief after it was recently announced a new G&T program will be heading their way in fall of 2016 school year for elementary schools. In the fall of 2017 school year their will be a new gifted and talented program for middle school students. This area has already been underrepresented when it comes to gifted and talented programs. This chancellor suggested the program for the elementary school start under a new model for 3rd grade students instead of kindergarten level. Although, most parents want their talented tots to start the program as early as possible with some even demanding their be a new pre-K G&T program introduced in all five boroughs.  It looks like the vote will take place in April as to whether or not the plan moves forward with the initiation of this new G&T program for the students in this district.


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